This site will cover the history of our Jeanneau 42DS, Mistroma of Gair, since we bought her in 2009.  It should also include all the equipment, upgrades, maintenance work as well as an overview of some of our cruises. I hope that the information here will eventually prove useful to anyone looking at a Jeanneau 42 DS for sale.

Details of our latest cruise can be found here. Gap after 2019 due to COVID.

Why buy a 42DS?

We were looking for a reasonably priced deck saloon with large owners’ cabin, 2 heads, galley by companion way and reasonable sailing performance.  Elan, Beneteau, Bavaria, Dufour, Elan and other Jeanneau’s didn’t meet our criteria as well as the 42DS.  Other marques such as Wauquiez had stopped making smaller deck saloons and second hand ones were expensive and difficult to find.

After looking at a combination of old and new yachts we decided that the Jeanneau 42DS was the best fit.  Every boat is a compromise with both good and bad points that please or irritate.  We consider the 42DS to be a good buy as the bad points are in the minority for the type of sailing we do.

A few points that came to mind without too much thought are listed below.



Some links to further 42DS information:

Our previous sailing history is covered in the archived copy of our old web-site about Mistroma, the Southerly 95 we owned for 23 years. The original web-site proved to be very popular with people looking at this type of yacht for sale. We were swamped with offers from potential buyers.

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